‘Brilliant celebration of our mistakes and evolutionary reflexes’ - THE GUARDIAN ****

You Just Fucked up, Now what?

Sometimes, fuck ups are so massive there’s no way back.

Poet Hannah Jane Walker and theatre maker Chris Thorpe examine the poetic guts of mistakes in a bundle of words and strip lighting. Fucking up is the truest, funniest, most terrifying moment you can experience. The oh fuck moment is a conversation around a desk for brave souls to hold their hands up and admit they fucked up, or for people to laugh at us because we did.

You should probably see ‘The oh fuck moment’ if you’ve ever stood on a rake.
Or accidentally made party cocktails with bleach. Or locked yourself in a shed.
Or been caught cheating.
Or followed your inclination to experiment and ended up in A+E with a traumatic wanking injury.
Or crashed a plane.
Or been responsible for someone’s death.
Or watched someone die.
Or set fire to yourself.
Or fallen awkwardly.
Or fallen awkwardly on a rake.
Or fallen awkwardly while flying a plane.
Or while wanking.
Or put your tongue in the wrong person’s mouth.
Or put your tongue in what you thought was the right person’s mouth and it turned out to be the wrong person’s mouth.
Or got really angry because someone told you a story about a horse. 

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Written & Developed by Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe : Visual Producer Luke Emery : Produced by Emily Coleman and Ric Watts and Jennifer Gaskell : Executive producer Matt Burman

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Photo Credit: Martin Figura

Photo Credit: Martin Figura