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Hannah is a poet from Cambridge and Essex.

She has toured intensively both nationally and internationally doing shows, readings and running workshops.

She is passionate about engaging people with poetry and using poetry to have conversations.

She believes that poetry is just another way of talking,
that poetry is for everyone
and that it is something that we need as we go forward.

She has made three shows.
In August 2013, Hannah and Chris are taking up their new show
I Wish I Was Lonely to Edinburgh as part of Forest Fringe

Some words about the work they make:
Chris Thorpe is a theatre-maker. Hannah Jane Walker is a poet.
Together they make award-winning work that is part performance,
part poetry gig and part interactive experience.
Their shows take place in rooms: sometimes those rooms are theatres,
but often they’re offices, meeting rooms, cafes – anywhere that people can come together.

Chris and Hannah’s work is based around an honest encounter between themselves,
an audience and the difficult and uplifting moments we face in the process of being a person.