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Sorry, I am on twitter

An article for Exeunt Magazine about intimacy and performance

An article for The Guardian comment bit about saying sorry

Nasty Little Press – entertaining poetry from the UK’s best loved live poets. My pamphlet was published by them and can be purchased here

A beautifully formed monthly poetry club that I run with Martin Figura, Luke Wright and John Osborne in Norwich:

A blog about modernist women by an academic with a big hearted head

A place to get better at poems

The cool lady who made the illustrations on this website

A writing website you should join because it is good. It is where I started writing. It is internet home.

An ace show maker

Charming poet

Sharp witted novelist

Lyrical computer generated genius

An excellent excellent collective of poetry boys

Poetry pin up

The Major – poet and photographer. We run school workshops together

Theatre making scowling hilarious collaborator Chris Thorpe

Producers of top-quality poetry, live literature and spoken word on page and stage

An excellent festival in the East of England

A place I wouldn’t mind living

She is so shiny

Somewhere to hear good stories

A way to make your brain bigger